I'll wait for you after school.

I'll wait for you after school.

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Ten minutes later, Zhou Hao came back, holding the clothes she had changed in the morning. Aunt washed and took it to dry, there is a faint fragrance on the clothes, smell carefully, and Zhou Hao's body smell is similar. Zhou Hao put the clothes into Tang Yanan's hand: "Take it and change it. Now the rain is light. I'll ask Uncle Wu to send you back." Wu Shu is the driver of the Zhou family, before Zhou Hao let him send Tang Yanan several times, Tang Yanan is recognized. Tang Yanan took two steps with her clothes in her arms. Before she reached the bathroom door, she turned around again: "Zhou Hao, I have a question to ask you." "What?" "You just told me not to say that in front of other boys in the future, which means I can say it in front of you, right?" “……” Zhou Hao was silent for a while and then said, "It's better not to say." "Why?" She asked in puzzlement. Zhou Hao turned and sat back on the carpet. Ji Lin and others are still online, Zhou Hao re-opened the voice, that end is surprisingly quiet. Did you roll your face to the keyboard? As soon as Zhou Hao made a sound, Ji Lin several people were excited at the same time, and all of them exploded in an instant. I'll go, you're back at last! Disappeared for so long, we thought you and Nan Jie changed the battlefield! This voice sounds like Ji Lin's. Fan Yixian echoed: "Zhou Hao, Zhou Hao, I have known you for so long. I didn't expect you to be such a person." "What battlefield?" Zhou Hao doesn't understand. Don't pretend. Ji Lin smiled very wretchedly, learning Tang Yanan's tone just now, repeating her words, "What dare not look at you,lycopene for skin, don't just kiss it, I just kiss you, how about it?"? Kiss me back if you can. Fan Yixian cleared his throat and learned, "Do you know what a kiss is?"? You know? I don't know, but I can try. Zhou Hao: ".." "Hey, I didn't expect that our iceberg God would be so good at saying love words. It's really hard to judge a person by his appearance." Ji Lin teased Zhou Hao excitedly, "You said that if I broadcast the recording of you just now, how many girls in the school would be sad." "You recorded it?" Zhou Hao frowned. This game is easy to record and video. Click a button at the beginning, click again at the end, and save it directly to your computer. That is, such a once-in-a-lifetime conversation, not recording is a fool. Ji Lin admitted without fear of death. Delete it. Zhou Hao said lightly. Don't delete, don't delete, phycocyanin spirulina ,naringenin price, don't delete. It's rare to record such a funny voice. I must save it and play it to your child when he grows up in the future. Tang Yanan changed her clothes and came out, only to hear Ji Lin's magical laughter. She paused and asked Zhou Hao, "What's wrong with him? Is he nervous?" Zhou Hao was just a little angry when he heard her words and laughed instantly: "Where did you learn these words?" Face rolling keyboard, Parkinson's disease, and now a nervous breakdown, really enough. Tang Yanan is far away, Ji Lin did not hear what she said, only heard what Zhou Hao said, Wen Yan thought he was talking about himself, then very quickly: "What word?" Tang Yanan came over and said with a smile, "Ask if you have a nervous breakdown." "Sister Nan?" "Mmm." "Wow, sister Nan, you finally came back to life!"! We thought Ah Hao had done something to you! Fan Yixian, who had been silent for a long time, also came out. Tang Yanan took a look at Zhou Hao, a little embarrassed: "What?" "What else could there be? We heard all about what you just did." Tang Yanan: ".." "All right." Zhou Hao opened his mouth, "stop playing, go down." He finished and closed his notebook directly. Tang Yanan hesitated and asked in a low voice, "Is it off?" Zhou Hao glanced at her: "It's off." Tang Yanan patted her chest and her voice returned to normal: "Is it true what they said just now?" "Which sentence?" Zhou Hao asked knowingly. I heard it all. Remembering what had just happened, Tang Yanan was still a little embarrassed. Uh Uh How can he be so calm? …… A month's vacation is neither long nor short. In the middle of August, the prospective senior high school students returned to school early and began a two-week remedial course. The freshmen had just finished their military training, and the banners on the playground with the slogan "Release Youth, Sprinkle Passion" had not yet been removed. The whole campus was silent, and only the Zhuangyuan Building, which belongs to the senior high school students, was unique. Tang Yanan came late, and when she stepped into the classroom, most of the students in the class were already there. She went in through the back door. The teacher hadn't come yet. Some people were busy making up their homework. Others had endless words because they hadn't seen each other for a month. Tang Yanan sat down beside Zhou Hao. Before long, the monitor ran in from the outside and shouted at the top of his voice, "a good news and a bad news, which one do you want to hear?" "Of course it's good news!" I don't know who shouted. The monitor said, "The good news is that we don't have to study by ourselves in the evening to make up lessons these two weeks. After four classes in the afternoon, we can finish school at four o'clock." As soon as his words came out, all the students in the class cheered happily. What about the bad news? Someone asked again. The bad news is that I just heard from Mr. Zhou in the office that there will be a quiz before the start of school, and our seats for the next semester will be arranged according to the results of the quiz. "How to arrange it?" Monitor shook his head: "It seems to be according to the level of achievement, which I am not sure." "Wow, the teacher in charge of the class is really cruel. This is to break up our two-year revolutionary friendship." "Yes." There is a lot of discussion under the classroom. Tang Yanan did not want to sit with others, turned to ask Zhou Hao: "How to do, I want to be a deskmate with you." What are you afraid of? Zhou Hao did not lift his head, "is not arranged according to the results,ghana seed extract, test the same score is not on the line." Get the same score? It's easy to say, but it's not so easy to test. Tang Yanan struggled: "What if there is a lot of difference?" "No." Zhou Hao is sure. You know again. Tang Yanan lay feebly on the table. Uh Zhou Hao's side face, "don't believe me?" 。 prius-biotech.com 

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