Hun Hun Gui Cha Shang (Ghosts and Ghosts in Jianghu) Author: Qiu Wujiao

Hun Hun Gui Cha Shang (Ghosts and Ghosts in Jianghu) Author: Qiu Wujia…

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Qingliu had already put away his long sword and turned it into a paper fan. With a clasp of his long hand, the paper fan was closed. Surrounded by a burst of smoke and dust, Qingliu's robe swayed with the wind, and his whole body was full of domineering that he could not see on weekdays! Xing Chuan was shocked to release the shackles of the hand of the King of Hell, staring at the people in the smoke and dust. Tall figure, at this time appears to be incomparable. Behind him was a fallen monster covered with blood, Xing Chuan trembling. Hands, as if in the suppression of something. The King of Hell took a step forward to Qingliu who was coming. Xing Chuan looked sideways at the scene, why so familiar. Like before, walking this way. It's myself. In the eyes of the King of Hell. It's also myself. Feeling a sharp pain in his head, Xing Chuan hugged and squatted on the ground, his fingers even pressing the skin tightly. The King of Hell took a look, and the veil was lifted by the remaining wind at the moment of turning back, and the beautiful eyes were really something that people could not understand. Are you all right? "Qingliu's tone changed back to the gentleness just now, and he looked at the King of Hell like a check." Are you all right? " The King of Hell nodded and Qingliu breathed a sigh of relief. That thing shows up in a place like this. The King of Hell rarely responded, "Maybe someone can't bear it." Qingliu knew that there was a hidden mystery in this, but he couldn't ask. Even if asked.. He won't say it either. He looked down at Xing Chuan, who was still squatting and holding his head. "Brother Xing, I didn't expect you to be here." Xing Chuan still held his head and his body trembled violently. Qingliu said in a half-teasing tone,Quillaja Saponin, "Are you scared?"? Do you want me to- Xing Chuan stood up all of a sudden, pointed at Qingliu and shouted, "You peach blossom eyes, what are you doing in front of me?"! Ah Qingliu was inexplicably said so, helplessly shook his head, and then went to see the King of Hell, as expected had already left first. Small step to catch up with the King of Hell, by the way back to Xing Chuan waved. Xing Chuan has never been so unhappy,Sex Enhancement Powder, just now, just when the playboy was playing handsome, he was like a mouse hiding behind the cold-faced King of Hell trembling! Ah! Ah! Ah! !!” This Xing Chuan is losing his temper, and there Qingliu is chasing the footsteps of the King of Hell. No one noticed that the monster, which should have stopped breathing, had long red fangs. His eyes began to roll again. Dragon claw spirit object Chapter 22 Dragon Claw Spirit "Brother Xing, where have you been?"? Just now I felt a faint evil spirit! Bai Kui hurriedly took the hand of the King of Hell and looked at it worriedly. Xing Chuan's face was so uncomfortable that he lowered his head and rubbed his feet against the ground. "You should say that to me." The shade patted Xing Chuan on the shoulder. "Bai Chuan was also very worried about Brother Xing." Xing Chuan looked pitifully at the King of Hell who was wrapped around him. "He didn't do anything. How could he be treated so well.." Xing Chuan, who was completely frustrated, crouched on the ground, dragging his chin. The green shade looked left and right, or decided to squat at the door with Xing Chuan, when the door God. Over there, Qingliu was shaking his fan, Theobromine Powder ,D BHB Factory, looking leisurely, but his eyes were all on the King of Hell. This scene all fell into Xing Chuan's eyes, the corners of his mouth curled, and he snorted coldly. Green shade dragged his chin, blinked his eyes, and his face slowly stuck to Xing Chuan's side. "Brother Xing, what's wrong with you?" As soon as Xing Chuan turned his head, he touched the tip of Lvyin's nose. "Oh, I was startled." Lvyin, still full of curiosity, said, "Brother Xing, do you have any troubles?" "I won't talk to you and this little devil even if I have troubles." Xing Chuan touched the tip of Lvyin's nose gently with the tip of his nose, and his eyes were spoiled. All of a sudden, the shade turned red. "Brother Xing seems to be the past." It's the past again! Inexplicable Xing Chuan now heard before the gas, obviously before is not like this! Is it because of what happened recently. If you get on the line with your former self, you will become powerless. The words of the King of Hell just now [that thing, before you, just a moment] that kind of monster, before their own as long as a moment can defeat it. How strong is it. The old judge. "Brother Xing," Lu Yin felt Xing Chuan's forehead worriedly. "Is it really uncomfortable? Do I need to call the little master?" "Who is the little master?!" The shade smiled lovingly. "That's him." Little master "Xing Chuan drooped his face" that little thing! When I came back, I didn't know how to greet him. "Lvyin hurriedly clasped Xing Chuan's mouth nervously." Brother Xing couldn't do it. The way of the little master was even above the King of Hell. He couldn't be rude. "Xing Chuan seemed to have heard something interesting. He hurriedly stuck to the expression of Lvyin with a sinister face." That little thing is so powerful. "Lvyin quickly took the mouth to explain to Xing Chuan how the little one was. But Xing Chuan did not hear to go, full of mind is more powerful than the King of Hell, then. If you please the little one, the King of Hell will be defeated by himself. Even after seeing the oppression on the head of the King of Hell, Xing Chuan's joy was incomparable. This side of the white suddenly remembered something, hurriedly ran to Xing Chuan's house. Xing Chuan thought Bai Liao wanted to talk to himself, so he quickly got up and knocked on the door, "Bai Liao, I'm here!" Bai looked back apologetically and smiled, "I know." Like a bolt from the blue, Xing Chuan fell back to the ground and wanted to talk to the little green shade beside him, but he saw the boy's nymphomaniac face. At this time, Xing Chuan swore in his heart that he must turn over! And turn over than the previous Xing Chuan even more invincible!!! The King of Hell sat on a chair and drank the tea that Qingliu had poured for himself. There was a touch of red under the veil, slightly curved into an arc. Qingliu shook the paper fan and looked gently at the side face of the King of Hell. Oh, everyone is back. "It was obviously Bai who came back alone, but the voice was not Bai's.". As soon as Xing Chuan looked up, he happened to see the little thing that made the sound directly, "Little one, no!"! I should call you boss. The little one sat on Bai's shoulder, his head against Bai's ear, and his pigtail swayed with the movement of his body. It looks very innocent and lovely, but Xing Chuan knows that there are many ways to punish people in that little head. Qingliu closed the paper fan, stood up and bowed,Thyroid Powder Factory, "I've met you once." The little one shook his head and twisted his little toes. "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't remember." Qingliu smiled gracefully and sat down again. 

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