Fanxia Tianjiao Witch-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise

Fanxia Tianjiao Witch-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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At first, Donghailong thought that Shi Zhan was the murderer of Guyue Zen Master, and he was going to kill him. Now, seeing him doing this, he knew that there must be something strange in it, so he decided to look on and let him fight with Zhu Diluo first. Maybe he could get more secrets from these two people. The East China Sea Dragon thought that the two monks must have had a fight, but before he knew it, he heard a sharp cry from Shi Zhan, "Well, you did a good job!" Has fallen to the ground! "Do you know now that I'm not lying?" Said Zhu Di Luo. The East China Sea Dragon and the Penglai Witch were just about to jump out when they heard his words so abruptly that they were stunned and temporarily withdrew their hands. "What do you mean by that?" Shi Zhan gasped. "The poison I put on you," said Zhu Diluo, "is the poison of the Devil Flower, which is the poison of the Ancient Moon Zen Master. If an ordinary person is poisoned by this poison, he will die immediately. But you're not dead now. I ask you, with your skill, how long can you hold out? Shi Zhan took a breath and tested the poison. After a while, he said slowly, "It can last for about an hour." "How does Master Gu Yue compare with you?" Asked Zhu Diluo. "Above me, of course," said Shi Zhan. "Yes," said Zhu Diluo! Since his skill is superior to yours, of course, he will support you for more than one hour. It can be seen that although he was poisoned, the cause of death was not poisoning. Someone else killed him! Ok, now I give you the antidote. This antidote was originally intended for you to give to Zen Master Guyue. You can believe that I am not lying to you,large inflatable water slide, right? Haha, in order to make you believe, I did not hesitate to spoil the only remaining antidote, and finally I can live up to you. You can't go back on your promise to help me catch the girl. Zhu Diluo took out the antidote and was about to hand it to Shi Zhan. Shi Zhan suddenly jumped up, but refused to take the antidote. "Wait a minute," he shouted. "You must make it clear who killed Master Guyue." This is exactly the answer to the riddle that the witch of Penglai and the dragon of the East China Sea are looking for. Both of them hold their breath and prick up their ears to listen to Zhu Diluo's answer. Zhu Diluo smiled and said slowly, "You should guess who the murderer is.". Although the world is big, besides your master, who else can have this ability to kill Guyue Zen Master in every move? "My master,Inflatable mechanical bull, my master?" Murmured Shi Zhan, his face ashen. "Your master, of course," said Zhu Diluo. Master Gu Yue killed him with the skill of closing the acupoint and cutting off the pulse. Can't you see? With a deep sigh, Shi Zhan said, "That's all, that's all. Master Gu Yue, I'm sorry for you, and I can't avenge you.". I didn't mean to kill you, but I was an accomplice. I wanted to save you, and I didn't want to. I have no remedy but to follow you to the ground! Only to hear the sound of "Peter", a flash of white light, Shi Zhan pulled out a dagger, the last sentence has not finished, is the dagger into his chest! Zhu Diluo was astonished. "How could you do that, Shi Zhan?" He cried. Frightened, he forgot that he still had the antidote in his hand. He rushed up to pull Shi Zhan up. As soon as he stretched out his hands, the pill fell to the ground and rolled under the God's table. Zhu Diluo glanced at it and saw the dagger stuck in Shi Zhan's chest, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable meltdown, with only a few wooden handles exposed. After being poisoned, he was so seriously injured that even if he had an elixir, it would be difficult to save him. Zhu Diluo bent down, trying to pick up the antidote, suddenly felt the breeze, as if a hidden weapon shot. Zhu Di Luo Hun sleeve a brush, said late, then fast, only heard two whoosh, Penglai witch jumped out from behind the Buddha, the East China Sea dragon also at the same time, jumped down from the beam. The two pieces of dust shot by the witch of Penglai were brushed down by him. As soon as he got the sword, he made a move of "Jade Girl Throwing Shuttle". The light of the sword was like practicing, and then he stabbed him. Zhu Diluo's back had not yet straightened, and with his feet as the axis, he turned around more. The witch of Penglai stabbed quickly, and he also flashed skillfully, but the sword failed to hit him. Zhu Diluo raised his foot and kicked the wrist of the Penglai witch holding the sword. How could the Penglai witch give him a kick? As soon as the sword turned, the whisk whistled and the wind whistled head-on. Zhu Diluo waved his sleeve and untied the Tiangang dust style of the witch in Penglai. "I don't know if Shi Zhan is dead or alive," said Longxin of the East China Sea. "We must catch one alive. This bald donkey is highly skilled in martial arts. I'm afraid Nvxia Liu may not be his opponent. "Weighing the weight, regardless of the first to see Shi Zhan's injury, he came up to assist the witch of Penglai.". The Dragon of the East China Sea is the first of the four tyrants. The Hunyuan Qigong practiced by the Dragon of the East China Sea is also a wonder in Wulin. Zhu Diluo returned a palm, and both of them could not help shaking. Zhu Diluo was secretly surprised and said to himself, "Although this old man is not as good as this girl, he is above the black and white Shura.". Unexpectedly, there are hidden dragons and tigers in the middle and upper class, and there are capable people everywhere. Although he had the poison powder prepared by the devil flower, the antidote had been lost, and the whisk of the Penglai witch had a strong wind every time, and the power of Donghai You's palm was no small matter, for fear of scattering poison powder, which would not harm people, but would harm himself, so he dared not use it. Geng Zhao was hiding under the God table, picked up the antidote, and jumped out. "Brother Zhao," cried the witch of Penglai, "help this master in." To know that Shi Zhan is more dead than alive, if he is injured by mistake again, then there is no hope in case! So the witch of Penglai asked Geng Zhao to help him hide in the back hall. In the wind of the palm, although Geng Zhao had practiced the eight styles of Dayan, his figure could not help shaking. As if in the midst of the stormy waves, he knew that he could not get in, so he had to obey the command of the witch of Penglai, pick up Shi Zhan, and escape into the back hall. "Where are you going?" Shouted Zhu Diluo. He turned his back to Geng Zhao, and suddenly with a backhand, he split the force of his hand and swept it in the direction of Geng Zhao, as if he had eyes behind his back. Fortunately, the witch of Penglai had long prevented him from making such a move. With a wave of the whisk, she cut off the power of Zhu Diluo's hand. Even so, Geng Zhao was still slightly affected. He stumbled and fell down. He stumbled and escaped from death and entered the rear hall. The witch of Penglai said angrily, "You bald donkey are so cruel that you even want to kill your companions!" The two swords forced Zhu Diluo to take three steps back. "Shi Zhan," cried Zhu Diluo, "when a real man dies,Inflatable water obstacle course, he dies. You can't lose your master's face and reveal secrets." The East China Sea dragon luck palm attacks urgently, Zhu Diluo is too busy to deal with, can no longer be distracted to speak. 

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