Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder price

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder price

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Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder price Hydraulic Cylinder We manufacture a range of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinder components. All of our hydraulic cylinder components are designed for efficient performance. 1. Hydraulic cylinder piston rods are made of high strength carbon steel. We use advanced honing techniques and heat treatments for greater mechanical strength; 2. Our hydraulic cylinders are chrome plated and have an evenly finished surface with a fine oil film to increase service life; 3. The cylinder body is made of high-strength alloy steel and processed by roller burnishing tools for a hard and finished surface that minimizes internal friction damage and extends service life; Hydraulic cylinder designs We have three standard cylinder products available. We can also work with you to suit your nonstandard requirements. 鈼?Metallurgical equipment hydraulic cylinder 鈥?double-acting, single-acting cylinders. 鈼?Engineering hydraulic cylinders 鈥?large scale, stepless speed adjustment. 鈼?Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder 鈥?double-acting, single-rod and double acting, double rod. 鈼?Non-standard hydraulic cylinders 鈥?customisable diameter, piston rod size and stroke. Metallurgical equipment hydraulic cylinders Metallurgical equipment hydraulic cylinders are used in metallurgy, ship-building, wind power, engineering equipment production, transport machinery, mining equipment, petroleum machinery and port machinery. Engineering hydraulic cylinders The engineering hydraulic cylinder features large scale, stepless speed adjustment (1鈭?000). It allows speed regulation during operation. The small and lightweight HSG hydraulic cylinder can withstand high temperatures and has a high mechanical strength that evenly and smoothly maintains movement, even during high pressure load changes. The engineering cylinder is used in the hydraulic systems in engineering equipment, lifting machinery, ship machinery, and machine tools. Non-standard hydraulic cylinders We can also manufacture non-standard hydraulic cylinders. Diameter range: from 蠁40 to 蠁1200mm Piston rod diameter: from 蠁22 to 蠁800mm Strokes: up to 16,000mm We have designed and manufactured non-standard hydraulic cylinders for use in auto cranes, static pile driers, shield tunneling machines, chemical machinery and rubber manufacturing machinery. Our advantages 1.Our factory has 20 year's manufacture experience 2. ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate 3. Best price, fast delivery, high quality 4. One year warranty Application We can build, supply new, and repair cylinders for Earth Moving, Marine, Press, Crane, Telescopic, Shear, Excavator and Chip Dump applications. We also have the capabilities, experience, and technical knowledge to manufacture new cylinders and custom build cylinders. We can handle any hydraulic cylinder needs from smaller application cylinders to very large cylinders (for example cylinders on large mining equipment). Contact us for pricing and availability or if you're needing a custom built cylinder.Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder price website:http://www.cylinderbarrel.com/hydraulic-cylinder/excavator-hydraulic-cylinder/

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