China Cesium Salts

China Cesium Salts

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China Cesium Salts Product Introduction Cesium salt is widely used in the fields of medicine and catalysts in today's industrial production; in the scintillation crystal optoelectronic industry and high-energy physics industry, the chemical formula of cesium sulfate is Cs2SO4. The molecular weight is 361.87. Colorless orthorhombic or hexagonal crystals. The melting point is 1010掳C, and the relative density is 4.243. At 600掳C, it transforms from an orthorhombic system to a hexagonal system. It is soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and acetone. Cesium sulfate is a colorless rhombic or white needle-like crystal, used as the basic raw material for preparing various cesium salts. Mainly used for analytical reagents, trace analysis of lead, trivalent chromium; special glass; ceramics; catalyst additives. Cesium sulfate has been used for many years as an analytical reagent and certain catalysts. The existing process generally uses cesium carbonate and sulfuric acid to neutralize cesium sulfate, but the process has the following shortcomings in use: 1. The raw material uses cesium carbonate, which is high in cost; 2. In the neutralization preparation process, the product carbonic acid is Weak dibasic acid, the neutralization liquid is acidic, and cesium hydroxide needs to be added to adjust the pH value, which increases the cost, and the carbonic acid is easy to decompose. When the carbon dioxide escapes, the reaction is violent and may cause safety accidents. Product Parameter (Specification) Cesium Sulfate(99.9%) AppearanceCubic CrystalGradeHigh Purity Grade Standard CAS No7647-17-8Catalog NoCs2SO4 -01 Chemical Analysis Test ItemContent锛?锛塆uaranteedTest Methods Cs2SO499.9Subtraction Li0.0005BJR-JC09 Na0.0010BJR-JC09 K0.0050BJR-JC09 Rb0.0200BJR-JC34 Al0.0005BJR-JC01 Si0.0050BJR-JC01 Ca0.0010BJR-JC09 Mg0.0010BJR-JC09 Fe0.0005BJR-JC08 Pb0.0005BJR-JC01 Cl锛?/p>0.0100BJR-JC04 Others FormulaCs2SO4 Formula Weight361.87 Density (g/cm3)4.243 Bulk Density(kg/l)2.2 Melting Point1010鈩?/p> Boiling Point/ Product feature and application ApplicationUsed in chemical reagents, widely used in catalysts, special glass, ceramics, etc., and also used in the wine industry. TransportationThe product should be protected from moisture and package damage during transportation. Sealed in a cool and dry place. StorageThe product is hygroscopic, soluble in water, and should be stored in a dry atmosphere. PackageThe inner PE bag and the outer packaging are in paper drums, usually 25 kg/drum, or negotiated determined by both parties. Production Details Cesium sulfate, the cesium salt of sulfuric acid, has the chemical formula Cs2SO4. It has a high solubility, so it can be formulated into a concentrated solution for iso-density or "density gradient" centrifugation. Product Qualification Deliver, shipping and serving FAQ Q: What's your MOQ? A: If we have the products in stock, it will be 25kg as the MOQ. If we need to produce, we can discuss the MOQ according to customer's exact situation. Q: What is your after-sales service? A: Our service tenet is: Communicate with enthusiasm, care, sincerity and perseverance, and serve in the ordinary and sincere. Our three-way service, factory to customer, sales to customer, after-sales customer service to customer. Three-way service to ensure that your order problems are resolved in a timely manner.. Q: How to make an order? A: You can send an email to any of our sales staff for enquiry. When making an inquiry, please provide your detailed order quantity information as clearly as possible. So that we can send you a quotation.China Cesium Salts website:

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